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Oman: Plain packaging implemented

Plain packaging of tobacco products came into effect in Oman in April 2024. The measure is in accordance with Ministerial Decision 67/2023 Deeming an Omani Standard Specification Binding. All old stock is to be used by 30 June 2024, and no old packaging is allowed to enter the country. After that date, products in retails shops […]

Vapes drive rise in calls to poison hotline from parents of children exposed to nicotine

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Vaping and the availability of e-cigarettes and other nicotine products are behind a rise in calls to the national Poisons Information Centre, accident prevention authorities have warned.   SA Health data shared by child accident prevention group Kidsafe SA reveals the number of nicotine-related calls from South Australians to the Poison Information Centre rose to 78 […]

S’pore vaping ban shows limitations

LETTERS: MALAYSIANS know Singapore as a no-nonsense island state with strict controls on everything, from chewing gum to drugs. So it came as a surprise that the republic is unable to contain a modern-day scourge: electronic cigarettes. Singapore’s Straits Times reported on April 3 that despite strict laws banning vaping since 2018, illicit devices still found […]