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Vaping Versus Smoking: Are Electronic-Cigarettes the Savior?

Since the beginning of using tobacco in the form of the modern cigarette in the late 19th century, there have been warnings about the harmful effects of smoking on human health, particularly also regarding the sensitive cardiovascular system. In view of the serious consequences for health, the only reasonable solution would be to give up […]

Vaping shocker: E-cigarettes linked to lung cancer, study suggests

E-cigarettes, or vapes, have long been touted as a far safer alternative to cigarettes, with some companies claiming their products pose virtually no cancer risk.  But alarming new research appears to turn this perceived notion on its head.  In a first study of its kind, researchers analyzed health data from 4.3million ex-smokers and found those who switched […]

Association of Electronic Cigarette Use After Conventional Smoking Cessation With Lung Cancer Risk: A Nationwide Cohort Study

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 May 20, 2024, 9:15 AM – 9:27 AM Abstract RATIONALE: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have gained popularity as a less harmful alternative to conventional cigarette smoking. However, whether switching to e-cigarette use after conventional smoking cessation affects future lung cancer risk remains unclear. Therefore, we designed a nationwide population-based study to determine lung cancer risk and related […]