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6 KL Vape Shops “Caught” Selling To Young Buyer, KJ Says It’s The “Wild West” Now

Al Jazeera went undercover in six vape shops in the city and none of the staff asked the young buyer for their ID.

Al Jazeera recently went undercover to 6 vape shops in Kuala Lumpur and found out the rules for selling vapes to youths are still lax.

None of the staff asked the young buyer for their ID before selling nicotine-based vape products in all the shops they went to.

The act of selling still happened despite four shops displaying 18+ signs.

Al Jazeera reported there’s a rise in vaping in Southeast Asia, especially among youths.

This is also partly due to vaping being promoted to smokers as a step to reduce cigarette smoking.

In response to the video, former Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin acknowledged there were enforcement issues before.

However, he said they regularly acted against vape sales, especially to minors and pointed out that vape products cannot be advertised.

Khairy also apologised that there’s no enforcement against vape sales because there is no law against vape.

Source: The Rakyat Post

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