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‘Action can be taken against teachers who vape’

Action can be taken against teachers who vape in front of their students in schools, said Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek.

Complaints done via the correct channel and process, however, must first be made, she added.

“We can take action if it is found to have a negative impact on the school ecosystem,” she told Parliament on Sept 26 when responding to Senator Datuk Mohd Hisamudin Yahaya.Mohd Hisamudin had asked if action would be taken against teachers for vaping as the ministry’s campaigns thus far had been focused on students.

The ministry, in a statement, said it was aware of media reports on the use of ecigaretes and vapes among children and students in schools.

The ministry said the state education departments (JPN), district education offices (PPD) and schools had been reminded about its circular banning the use of ecigarettes and vapes, and the circular on discipline management, which requires school heads to take effective action to enhance discipline and counseling management in schools.

“The ministry, together with JPN, PPD and schools, with the cooperation of agencies like the police and the National Anti-Drug Agency, has embarked on a five-minute anti-cigarette and vape programme to instil awareness, self-identity, and resilience among students,” it said.

The IMFree pilot programme, implemented together with the Health Ministry in 636 primary schools, has been expanded to more schools this year.

IMFree is aimed at preventing the uptake of cigarettes in primary schools so that those who were born after 2009 will never pick up the habit in their lifetimes.

“The objective of IMFree is to train students to become agents of change among their peers and family members,” the ministry said in the statement dated April 27.

Source: The Star

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