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Household vaping bans and youth e-cigarette use

Jeremy Staff, Jessica M. Mongilio, Jennifer L. Maggs, Mike Vuolo, Brian C. Kelly Full PDF Abstract Aims The aims of this study were to measure whether household bans on vaping were associated with lower odds of youth past-month vaping when compared with (1) otherwise similar youth whose households did not have a vaping ban (using coarsened exact matching); and […]

Dasar GEG: Isu kompaun antara yang tidak dipersetujui, harap sokongan dua pertiga – Dr Zaliha

PUTRAJAYA: Kementerian Kesihatan (KKM) berharap Rang Undang-undang (RUU) Dasar Generasi Penamat (GEG) yang dijangka dibentangkan kali kedua bulan depan, mendapat kelulusan dua pertiga daripada Ahli Parlimen. Menterinya, Dr Zaliha Mustafa berkata, ketika ini antara isu yang tidak dipersetujui adalah berhubung kompaun yang dikenakan kepada kumpulan berkenaan. Jelas beliau, segelintir pihak berpandangan generasi muda yang menggunakan […]

Cytisinicline for Smoking Cessation A Randomized Clinical Trial

Nancy A. Rigotti, MD1; Neal L. Benowitz, MD2; Judith Prochaska, PhD3; et al Key Points Question :  Is cytisinicline an effective and safe pharmacotherapy to promote smoking cessation? Findings: In a randomized clinical trial that included 810 adults who smoked, both a 6-week and a 12-week course of a novel cytisinicline dosing regimen were more effective than placebo and were well tolerated, producing significantly higher continuous […]

Smoking in eateries: RM31,750 in compounds issued in Johor-wide op

JOHOR BARU: The Johor Health Department issued compound notices totalling RM31,750 to 126 people for smoking in restaurants during a statewide operation on Sunday (May 28). State Health Department director Dr Mohtar Pungut said that the operation was conducted together with the police and local councils. “We inspected 426 premises and issued a total of […]

Smoke and mirrors? Conflict of interest declarations in tobacco and e-cigarette-related academic publications

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Amy McDonald 1, Kahlia McCausland 2, Laura Thomas 2, Mike Daube 3, Jonine Jancey 2† Available online 23 May 2023 Abstract Objective: This research explored international tobacco control experts’ level of satisfaction with conflict of interest (COI) declaration processes; and the transparency of COI declarations of identified authors publishing in the tobacco, e-cigarette, and related novel products academic literature. Methods: This case study profiled 10 authors’ (identified by expert […]

Penggunaan rokok elektronik, vape meningkat mendadak dalam kalangan remaja

PUTRAJAYA: Penggunaan rokok elektronik atau vape dalam kalangan remaja di negara ini menunjukkan peningkatan mendadak dari 9.8 peratus pada tahun 2017 kepada 14.9 peratus, tahun lalu (2022) dengan pertambahan 9 peratus perokok. Timbalan Menteri Kesihatan, Lukanisman Awang Sauni berkata, pengambilan alkohol dalam kelompok tersebut juga masih lagi tinggi iaitu sebanyak 7.4 peratus, walaupun penjualan minuman […]

How Malaysia’s Vape Industry Is Targeting Children — And Getting Away With It

Health experts denounce the recent marketing tactics of vape companies, especially after liquid nicotine was declassified, calling it an unethical and irresponsible attempt to normalise vaping among children and teens. KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 – Many companies advertise their brands on duit raya packets, a common tradition during festive seasons, especially Hari Raya celebrations, in Malaysia. While […]